Mario Kart 7 Review

Don’t you just hate it when you get pummeled by the blue shell right on the finishing line… Mario Kart is back and the heat is on in this triumphant debut on the 3DS. Mario Kart 7 tweaks upon its foundations which was established back in 1992, without compromising its inherent simplicity.

Mario Kart 7 is the most balanced Mario Kart game to date, which will please many alike.

The new feature which will appear throughout Mario Kart 7 is the glider. The glider unfolds from each kart as you take to the skies. What you do whilst gliding is completely up to you, as you could pleasantly glide to the terrain below or swoop down with pace to hit the ground running. The glider opens up new ways of navigating the track, as you will be able to find secret shortcuts, and generally cutting the corner to gain advantages. Some may think this implementation will be a huge disadvantage who can exploit it very well in competitive multiplayer, but who cares! You can easily thwart them with a item anyway.

Not only is the gliding new to the Mario Kart franchise, but the underwater segments are new. It’s amazing how all the characters have a good set of lungs on them. The underwater parts aren’t exactly exhilarating or exciting, as they are very dull in comparison to gliding. However, I will say that it is a nice added feature in the game, as it certainly brings a fresher feel to the Mario Kart franchise. These new implementations haven’t given the franchise new spice so to speak – as previous players from past games, won’t be looking at these as the main strong points of Mario Kart 7. The main star attractions would be the kart customizations, giving players more freedom of choice, as each part such as – kart body/shell, wheels and glider alter speed, handling, acceleration and weight. Building your own kart can have some huge positives in some area’s and heavy losses in others.

You can pretty much expect what Mario Kart 7 will have on offer. Addictive cups with fan favourite tracks in the retro cups, and new exciting fresh tracks to be experienced. New items to be used, and coins to pick up throughout all the races, giving you speed boosts. The coins are in-game currency so to speak. If you collect 100 coins, 200 and etc, etc. You will unlock new vehicle customizations from wheels, gliders to kart’s. Winning top accolades such as three star rating in cups will unlock you characters such as your Mii. There are new characters to unlock, and I won’t be saying who, for those that don’t have the game and are soon to be having it.

Mario Kart 7 is sporting the best online ever to a Mario Kart game. Not only for the franchise itself, but the 3DS as well. The Mario Kart channel will be a regular tool that you will be using, as you will be able to download Ghosts to beat their times. The multiplayer matches are better to connect and a lot smoother. You will come across some players who are outstanding and vice versa like in all games that has online multiplayer. The new feature to the multiplayer is the community. Here you can create your own community lobby, which random people (if you set it up like that) will be able to join your community. You can set it private so you can have friends joining you, being that you give them the community code which will be the same as your friend codes.

Overall, Mario Kart 7 is a nice game, but it does lack in terms of characters and customization. I didn’t expect much in terms of the building your kart, but it’s fun nonetheless. The lacking of is certainly not a major negative, as Mario Kart 7 plays great, feels great and looks great. MK7 is definitely one of the best looking games on the 3DS that it has to offer at the moment. I love the Mario Kart games and I can easily see myself playing this game for a long, long time. The multiplayer adds more hours to the fun you get out of these games as it is via singleplayer. If you are getting a 3DS for this Christmas or waiting till you get your Christmas money. I recommend Mario Kart 7 at all costs, as it will be a game you will certainly want in your 3DS right away!



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