StarFox 64 3D Review

Do a barrel roll! Ah, the famous words from Peppy will never get old. StarFox 64 3D is the second game to be given the 3D gloss. StarFox has always been one of those titles that I will always sit and admire its greatness. However, saying that, StarFox does have its problems, but StarFox is one cunning Fox, and is no one trick pony.

StarFox 64 3D will take you back to memory lane and will no doubt reignite the love affair you had with StarFox back in the day.

You’ll be speeding across planets and asteroid belts, so you best get ready for a bumpy ride. The nice feature of the gyro control is what breathes fresh air into this title. It is a short game, which it’s known for, though the different routes you take will make you want to come back for more. Pulling off somersaults and u-turns when being targeted at is great fun, and knowing you did that via the gyro controls is fantastic, yet the gyro controls is also StarFox’s downfall.

The gyro control at times doesn’t work exactly. Having it on by accident will equal to disaster moments, which will make you curse to buggery. The use of the circle pad and the shoulders buttons to perform the barrel rolls and the other maneuvers is more ideal, yet, without the gyro controls – you are missing out.

The levels are all very intense, yet I never felt I should be sorry if I accidentally shot at Falco, Peppy or Slippy – other than cursing them instead. The levels look beautiful, too: coming in low over Corneria you’ll skim past translucent oceans and around jagged mountain ranges that weren’t half as nice before, while Kitana is now a landscape of glinting lakes above which flutter huge clouds of enemy craft and that hovering mother ship.

Sadly StarFox 64 3D doesn’t support online multiplayer. (sad-face) However, it supports battle mode that allows up to four players to get together for dogfighting deathmatches, and barrel rolling like there is no tomorrow. you only need one cartridge between you to play, and it does some neat stuff with the 3DS camera, too, highlighting each person in the arena with a live feed of their face. It’s another thoughtful touch, and it was enough to make me realise that I need a haircut.

StarFox 64 3D does have it’s moments of pure <insert tonnes of swear words>, such as taking on Andross, and taking on Wolf and his buddies. I love & hate those moments, but the game wouldn’t be complete if it didn’t have them.

StarFox 64 3D is a great title to have on the 3DS. I would love to see new titles for StarFox, especially what we had with StarFox on the GameCube with Adventures. Older fans will enjoy taking part in the Lylat Wars with the Arwings, and Nintendo even gave us the option to switch to N64 mode, and it still lives up to it’s name.



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