Super Mario 3D Land Review

Mario’s first proper outing on the 3DS is a fantastic performance. Jump and dash your way to the flagpole in this modern twist adventure. Mario definitely knows how to please his fans, and Super Mario 3D Land clearly demonstrates that on a top-level.

It’s a game for all ages that can enjoy this title. Super Mario 3D Land shows the caliber of what the 3DS can do.

The classic Mario action is indeed there, but with a modern twist to give it some new spice. The 3D isn’t a complete overhaul in such a way, though it does indeed make a big impact on Mario’s adventure on the 3DS. The 3D works perfectly and has lovely eye candy for the handheld. When running around in the levels, the camera will move, making it feel fresh for the older fans. The 3D flourishes are very nice, and it combines the typical gameplay we get from titles such as SM64 and Galaxy, such as offering a sense of freedom to the levels. Super Mario Land 3D comes packaged with everything you expect from a Mario game. Super Mario Land 3D is more focused than previous titles and is very well polished, like all Mario games.

Fan favourite items such as the Tanooki suit returns, with each level finishes jumping onto a flagpole. If you managed to hit the top of the flagpole, you’ll be rewarded with 1UPs, which will come in handy for the later worlds. Invincibility pick ups and other familiar Mario items can be obtained, and it’s a joy to control Mario with the circle pad in this glorious 3D adventure.

The camera is immaculate, sticking to Mario like jam in the main that on the few occasions it zooms outwards, giving the sense of scale – enhanced by the 3D – is remarkable. The music is top-notch and will get you whistling the tune repeatedly, yet, it is a shame that the many tunes are repeated.

The problems with Super Mario 3D Land is sometimes the harsh layout of the levels combined with the camera. As I stated above that the camera is great in terms of 3D. The problem is when you come across a moment which the camera will zoom, in turn, leading Mario to fall through the clouds, which is very unforgiving. The Tanooki suit is somewhat overpowering, making a mockery of the enemies you face. The boomerang suit is hardly used to it’s potential, but it’s great to have for those Stars/Medals that are otherwise require a tricky combination of jumps.

Nintendo should be proud of their mascot, as Super Mario 3D Land is a perfect title. Great ideas that were polished and the game felt very original. I cannot wait to see more adventures of Mario on the 3DS, especially something like Galaxy.



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